Befriending the Beagle

Our neighbors on the right bought a new puppy for their children. She’s an adorable beagle. Problem? They leave her in the yard all day long with nothing to do. She’s dug herself a few holes into my yard. Now I wouldn’t mind having her visit, but I have three horny male dogs who would love to give her a warm welcome. On one of her adventures into my yard, Tyler my yellow lab drooled profusely all over her. Now Tyler weighs almost one hundred pounds. Luckily I noticed her before he deflowered her.

My husband has done his best to block the areas she’s dug and the neighbors have boarded up their fence. New problem? She howls. All day long trying to get the attention of my three boys. So now I’m running up and down the stairs to let them out to lick her through the fence. It might be great exercise, but seriously I have a job to do.

The worst of my frustrations is it’s been raining for three days straight and where is said beagle? Outside. This poor puppy can’t be more than eight weeks old and they leave her outside 24/7. I’m sick to death of listening to her bark, howl and cry. And it just breaks my heart that they’ve brought home a puppy they have no desire to love. I want to bring her over to my house to cuddle and treasure her, but I think my husband would kill me if another dog entered this house. Especially a female.

I’ve thought about writing a letter to them expressing my concerns. I’m sure our other neighbors are frustrated with the howling and barking. I’m not afraid of pissing off the neighbor because I’m not friendly with them. I just don’t know how far to go or if I should bother. What would you do?


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