Too close to home

The Craigslist Killer has been making headlines all week long. When I heard he killed someone in Boston, I thought, geez it’s only 45 minutes from home. Not close, but still it weirded me out. Then my daughter calls me to tell me he’s made another attempt – here in Warwick. It’s creepy to think I live less than a mile from where he could have killed his next victim. Luckily the woman’s husband or boyfriend came to her rescue. While I haven’t been offering erotic services on Craigslist it’s still unsettling to know something like that has taken place so close to home.

He’s so young. I have a son his age and couldn’t imagine him hurting anyone. What makes someone kill? More importantly what is going through his fiancée’s mind? I mean seriously. She’s standing by her man and professing his innocence. Even though the evidence is mounting against him, she’s sticking with her man. In some ways it’s admirable, but when do you stop and ask yourself – could he be guilty? Could he have killed me?

I’m a survivor of an abusive marriage. One so horrific I thought the only way I’d get out was in a body bag. Family and friends portray the Craigslist killer as a gentle person, someone incapable of hurting another human being – well guess what. That’s what most would have said about my ex. He eventually showed his true colors and now they know the truth. Had the signs been there and she was too in love to see or did something make him snap? I’m sure more details will emerge as time goes by. The important thing is his fiancée is safe.

And as for his victim my heart goes out to her family, because she was someone’s daughter, possibly sister and friend.


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  1. juliabarrett
    Apr 29, 2009 @ 14:05:08

    I understand. As an escapee from an abusive first marriage, I took my infant son and pretty much went into hiding for ten years. I still look over my shoulder because I never know when my ex will be there to follow through to finish what he started. Fortunately, my son has never met his biological father.
    When my newest book is released, Cara, remind me to send you a copy. It’s the story. I’m glad you are safe.


    • amberskyze
      Apr 29, 2009 @ 18:18:28

      Oh my goodness. I’m so glad you and your son are safe. What a scary situation. And to constantly have to live in fear. I couldn’t imagine. Sadly, my ex is now in an abusive relationship where he is the abused. Karma!


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