One Tasty Night


“Hmmm, what should I treat the girls to tonight?” Taylor inspected the array of chocolate. It was her week to host girls’ night and she wanted the perfect dessert.

“I say the cherry lollipops.”

Startled, Taylor looked up from the glass counter to see Shane Griffin in the doorway, looking like a centerfold that just walked off the pages of Playgirl. His cargo shorts and gray shirt were drenched in sweat, outlining a chiseled chest. He looked like he just got done fucking someone.

Taylor knew better.

Shane owned his own landscaping company and he was taking a break from work.

“Hi Shane.”

“Who were you talking to?” Shane looked around the empty store. Yes, she’d been talking to herself.

“Just thinking out loud.”

“I talk to myself too.” He waltzed over to the counter, but didn’t lean against it with his sticky, sweaty body.

Taylor laughed. She’d yelled at him once for leaning against her clean glass, leaving nasty smudge marks. Since then he’d kept his distance but it didn’t stop him from coming into Tasty Taylor’s.

For the last three years, Shane visited every day and bought the same thing-ten cherry lollipops. Of all the candy he could have, he fancied lollipops. And for three years he’d been trying to get her to agree to a date. She’d refused his offers. Eight years separated them. Eight years too many in her book.

“Can I trouble you for a paper towel?” Shane asked.

“Sure,” Taylor grabbed the roll and handed it to him.


He removed a few sheets and wiped the sweat off his face and neck. As he rubbed, her eyes fell upon his hardened nipples. She imagined a pair of nipple clamps fastened to them.

She swallowed.

He lifted his shirt, exposing the hairline that disappeared below his waistband. Her mouth went dry. She imagined him walking behind the counter and asking for her assistance. She’d take the paper towels from him and wipe him clean. She’d retrace his chest, just to feel his strong muscles under her fingertips. From his chest she’d move over his abs. When they were done she’d reach into the depths of his shorts and feel his penis, which she imagined was huge. Then she’d rip off his shorts and have her way with him.


Shaking the taboo thoughts from her head, she cursed his age. It was too much of a difference for Taylor to accept, plain and simple. Sleeping with him would make her a cradle robber. Besides, he’d probably balk at the thought of her fantasies. Aside from his desire for her cherry-flavored lollipops she didn’t think they shared a common ground.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Fran Lee
    Jul 03, 2009 @ 02:14:36

    I bought this and read it! I loved it! You are such a wonderful writer, Amber!


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