I’ve been slacking with my blog lately, I know. I’ve been writing like crazy though, so that’s a good thing right? Writing means possible new releases in my future.
Speaking of new releases I FINALLY received my release date for Heat Waves – Dec 4th!! Still no cover yet.
I’m sooo excited. I’ll have two releases in December.

I’m happy to say I finished book three of the Lady Shea’s Manor series over the weekend and began writing book one. I’m confident I’ll get this one done by months end and I’ll work on book two in December, along with Laney’s Delights. I’m really excited about writing that story. I had to put it aside to work on other stuff. Oh crap and I forgot I have a Jan 1 deadline for a Valentine short. That’s half done so I’ll be working on that next month too.

I had a great idea for a St. Patrick’s Day story, but think I’ve missed the deadlines for that. There’s always next year. It’s almost time to start thinking summer stories. Hmmmm, I love the warm weather.

Weekend NaNo totals:
Saturday – 1782
Sunday – 2252


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