Wow someone is looking down on me lately. I’ve been swamped. Between edits for Wild Lickins, FLE’s for Ignited due out the 26th and the cover art for Wild Lickins (which is an Ice Cream Shoppe for those wondering J) things have been non-stop.

I must be getting popular because people are requesting my books on Astatalk. It frustrates the hell out of me that people would steal from writers who bust their butts to put books out for loyal FANS. I liked it better when I wasn’t so popular. I liked the first year when my sales weren’t thru the roof, but I was SELLING books, not being ripped off.

Okay enough of my rant on that subject.

Today it’s time to work on that article and finish revising Research Required, unless something else pops up.

Oh and I’m excited I started a new story, currently titled Dante’s Desire. I’m only 5 pages in, but it feels good to be writing again. A new year and a fresh start.


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  1. cherilaser
    Jan 14, 2010 @ 13:17:57

    Fame does come with a price, we’re told. And those of us who are still trying to get there admire folks like you who’ve come before us and whose work now produces “sales thru the roof.”

    How are people ripping you off? You raised that question in this post, and perhaps you could help others avoid a problem if you explain more clearly what’s happening that’s so frustrating for you.

    Thanks so much, and good luck with your new story!



    • amberskyze
      Jan 14, 2010 @ 13:24:21

      Hi Cheri!

      Thanks for stopping by. It’s pretty much just like music downloading. There are filesharing sites where someone who has purchased the book uploads it for anyone who wants to download it for FREE. VERY MUCH ILLEGAL.
      I have author friends who’ve had 10k+ books downloaded for free. Imagine the $$ they lost.


  2. cherilaser
    Jan 14, 2010 @ 13:35:51

    Hi! Thanks so much for the clarification.

    Well, after some thought, I guess there’s another way to look at the issue. If a book is so good that 10,000 are downloading it, that would be a fantastic point to include in correspondence to an agent or editor.

    Publishing professionals are constantly scouting for authors who are creating a buzz on their own. Anyone who’s generating 10,000 downloads would be extremely attractive to someone in the traditional publishing community.

    Right now I’m offering a free serialized download of my first novel (http://www.filedby.com/author/cheri_laser/2721580/documents/24081497/). Giving things away for free has become a primary tool in the kit of authors who are working to build a readership following (which needs to exist long before a book comes out–and which is the whole foundation of my bog).

    If I had 10,000 people downloading the chapters of my novel, I would be on the phone so fast to agents I’ve networked that the wires would be on fire.

    Just some food for thought …



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