I’m a very laid back person. I don’t like confrontation, so if I can avoid it, I will. BUT that’s not to say that I won’t stand my ground on something I feel strongly about – especially my children.
Recently an editor for a magazine I write for assigned me an article. I was about to start writing said article, when I received an email that basically said – “did you start the article, because I just received one on the subject from someone else I’d like to use. I’d like to give you a different assignment.”
Luckily for me I hadn’t. I did do all the research and I literally WAS about to start writing it. I just went with the flow and agreed to the new assignment. Now this article is higher paying and a feature – but it’s longer. I’m having some difficulties finding enough information to sustain a teens attention. UGH!
I know I’ll prevail and write the article. I’ll find some tidbit of information to make it more interesting, but I’ll have to dig deep.
The bottom line here, was the editor thanked me for being flexible. She appreciated that I didn’t fight her, because she did give me the option to submit my original article. I had no clue what she was offering when I agreed to take the new assignment, but I knew I wanted to continue writing for this magazine.
Of course not every situation will be as simple as that one, but in this business you need to be flexible.
So off to request some expert resource advice…I have a long day ahead of me. 🙂

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