I love writing quickies in between other books. Why? Well because they’re fun, quick and it’s a book out there. Lately though I’ve been getting discouraged, mostly because some readers obviously don’t get the “jest” of quickies.
A quickie is a blip in time, usually one event. Take for instance my recent release Submit With Me. It’s a quickie – 7400 words. It’s a story about giving someone control of your body for one night.
Two people who purchased the book over at the Jasmine Jade site gave it 1 star. One stated it wasn’t worth the $1.49 and the other said the characters weren’t fully developed. I’m not sure how developed they expect them to be when it’s written under 10k. On top of that it was all about the fantasy.
One nice commenter gave it 5 stars.
I’ve learned to take the good with the bad, but now I question writing these quick books. Is it worth the backlash? A bunch of EC authors told me it would be a smart idea to write a free read story. They said it gives you a lot of exposure you might not have gotten otherwise. I can see the point. If you’re unsure you want to try an author a free read could help you decide if you want to buy her other books.
I had considered writing one about Tommy from Pretend With Me, book one in the Freedom Fantasies series or one about Lucky from my Cougar Challenge book Gettin’ Lucky (coming soon). Lately I’ve been asking myself WHY? WHY bother? These are under 6k – I can’t imagine what these people commenting on my stories will say then.
Readers complain they want a quick, cheap read, but expect the full plot and storyline you get from a 30k. What’s a writer to do?


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