It’s Friday and I have nothing new to report today, probably because I haven’t written anything this week.

I have a bunch of stuff to finish and eventually I’ll get to it. I have family coming in tomorrow to meet the new baby. The great part is I don’t have to work the day job. Yay!

The DH and I are planning a short trip to Maine next week. He has to go for one day for work and we’re going to extend it to three. I’ll work from the hotel the one day, then we’ll play. We went up there in March and it was beautiful. The weather was in the mid 50s at the time. Surprisingly for Maine. I’d like to go to the ocean and shop some of the outlets. It will be a time to recharge before the craziness ensues.

School begins in less than two weeks. Back to fighting my daughter to get her butt out of bed. Not looking forward to that fun.

The new school year is like a new year for me. It’s always a time for new beginnings. This is usually the time I start planning my non-fiction too.  I only write a handful of articles for a teen magazine and usually a few Chicken Soup for the Soul stories, but it’s some extra cash. And with two grandbabies to buy for this Christmas I’ll need that extra money! LOL

Time to get a few things done before the granddaughter comes over for a visit while her mom gets a haircut.

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!


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