It’s been raining here for the last four days straight. Cloudy, damp and dreary. I’m dressed in sweats and a sweatshirt and I’m not happy about it. I’m not a cold weather person. This weather is making me depress and I’m being lazy. I have so much to do. I need the sun to come back out and shine.

The DH and I will likely leave this afternoon for Maine for a few days. The sun better be shining there. LOL

Edits are beckoning me and I’m ignoring them. I have til the 28th, but really want them back to my editor before I leave. I just can’t find the ambition to actually open them.

On a better note – Submit With Me received 4 Hearts from The Romance Studio. Kudos to the reviewer Michele and to my wonderful friend Selena Illyria, who sent me the heads up. Thanks!!!!

Happy Hump Day!


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  1. Katalina Leon
    Aug 25, 2010 @ 22:55:36

    I love The Romance Studio and those well deserved 4 hearts for “Submit With Me” ought to make the sunshine in your heart! lol
    Congratulations on a great review.
    XXOO Kat


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