Road Trip Day 2

After what felt like a comedy of errors, the DH and I finally got on the road around 1pm. Two hours later than we’d planned. Trying to pack the car in the pouring rain was not fun to say the least. So looking like two drowned rats, we started our journey.
Thru RI, CT, NY, NJ and finally PA we hit all sorts of weather. We made a few stops along the way, but overall we didn’t run into any major traffic. Woo Hoo.
After a thorough check for bed bugs we got our stuff from the car and crashed. (sorry but with the epidemic that seems to be plaguing the US I won’t bring my stuff into a room until I’m sure it’s bug free) :o)

We have three more hours on this journey before meeting up with all the staff, authors, readers and lets not forget the cavemen, who will adorn Romanticon 2010. There are few of my friends who won’t be attending, sniff, sniff, but I’ll send their love.

In other news Dante’s Desire received 4 stars from NOR. You can read the review here:

Happy Thursday!

PS. Tomorrow Cindy Spencer Pape will be my special guest on my other blog. PLEASE stop by and show this wonderful author some love.


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