Unofficial Week

Today is an unofficial anniversary for me and the DH. I say unofficial because he decided we weren’t going to celebrate it after we got married. LOL It’s still special to me because it was when we first started dating. So I’ll give him a card or something cute.

This week will be busy. I received edits for Naughty St. Nick, received a revision letter from one of my publishers for a story I subbed and finishing up another story before Nano. I’m doing an unofficial version – I know there’s that word again.  Unofficial, unofficial, unofficial. Okay that’s it for that word today.

Two friends and I do Nano every year. I normally reach the goal, but I’ve yet to submit the finished manuscript. Why bother you’re asking. This year I’m determined to submit the one I’m writing. I’m using this story for the agent appointment I’m doing at the NEC Conference in April. Maybe it will be sold before then, maybe not.

We had a fun weekend, but it flew by too quickly. I worked until Friday night until something like 2am. Sunday we spent the day with the granddaughter. She’s growing so fast. She’s a smart little bugger. She knows how to worm her way with Grandma and Grandpa. More grandpa, who she has wrapped around her little bitty finger. :o)

Anyway off to get some of this work done.

Happy Anniversary Honey!

Happy Monday!


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