Who Needs Sleep

I couldn’t sleep. Well, that’s not true. Yesterday at exactly 5pm sharp, I shut down my two work laptops and the desktop. I had a headache. I informed the DH I was going to lie down please be sure to wake me at 6. I had dinner to cook and other things that needed my attention. I woke with a start at 7. Now mind you I was also a tad snippy and pissy when I went off to bed.

I stormed out of the bedroom and said, “I told you I needed to be up at 6.” I slammed the bathroom door behind me.

When I emerged I noticed he was eating. I asked if he had dinner. *don’t point out the obvious* He went and got himself a sub.

Okay, I went back into my room, closed the door and slept straight through until 1am. Yup, wide awake at 1. I did get some writing time in and I surfed. Now it’s time to shower and get ready for another long day at my desk. I wonder what time I stay awake until today.

It’s my mother in laws birthday so I’m taking her out for a leisurely lunch.

Happy Thursday!


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