I’ve mentioned in the past that I escaped an abusive marriage. The reality of abuse and how it can lead to death was brought back home recently. Here in RI there have been 3 domestic abuse deaths in 8 days. It is the holidays and stress is a leading factor in abuse escalating. One of the men who killed his significant other had a long history with the police. No matter how much you report the abuse if you don’t leave the abuser you risk death. I feel blessed to have escaped with my life. Believe me if I stayed there is a GREAT chance that I’d be dead by now. My ex was a secret abuser. He left marks where people couldn’t see them – most of the time. But I got good at making up stories when he left a visible mark. This wasn’t a smart idea.

Now I tell everyone. I’m not ashamed to have been abused. I did nothing wrong. I’m brutally honest with my girls. One of them witnessed what their father did and the other I left before she saw too much. Yet there are scary things she still remembers. I don’t ever want them to be hit by a man or woman.

Another thing that brought this subject to light for me was the Michael Vick story. I don’t usually post about controversially things, but this really bugs the crap out of me. I believe in second chances. Please don’t get me wrong. I believe people can change. He got a second chance with the NFL and appears to be doing well. When it comes to owning a dog again I draw the line. Yes, he spent time in prison. That doesn’t mean he’s reformed from training animals to fight. Did he get special counseling? Was he put in charge of animals and shown how to treat them with respect?

When I heard the President believed he deserved a second chance my first thought was WONDERFUL. Well Mr. President, why don’t you give Mr. Vick YOUR dog. Let him take care of Bo. In my mind and this is only MY opinion, giving someone like Michael Vick another dog is like giving a recently released pedophile a child. You just don’t do it.

When it comes to people or animals getting abused I don’t believe in second chances. Sorry!


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