What to do?


We have a spare room in our house. Well, we will once my daughter moves out again. This will be soon. (Stopping to say a quick prayer) lol  Anyway, I love this room. It was our son’s. It’s one of the brightest rooms in the house.

While my youngest was at a sleepover this weekend, I had the opportunity to spend a quiet morning in there and do some writing. As I looked around I realized we hadn’t painted that room – ever. It’s the same color as when we bought the house almost six years ago. At the time the blue worked for my son. He loved it. Even the valances are from the original owners. Granted I’ve washed them numerous times, but the point is it’s time for a change.

Back when I was a bit younger I wouldn’t hesitate to run to the store and buy a can of paint. I’d spend a Saturday afternoon changing a room, without a second thought. I did this frequently. Say every six months or so. That’s no longer true.  

So what’s the dilemma you ask. I want to make it my office, getting rid of the spare bedroom. The DH currently resides in one corner of the bedroom with his desk. He works out of the house three days a week. If I move my things up there I’ll have to share space with him.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the man completely, but spending 8 hours a day together in a 12×12 room while working, doesn’t appeal to me. For one there are many times throughout the day where we have conference calls that coincide. How would I conduct a call while he’s on the other side of the room doing the same?

I like the idea of being downstairs doing my thing while he’s upstairs doing his, but I also REALLY want this room. This leads me to my second problem. DH has a small corner desk, which holds his two work laptops. That’s about all he needs to get through the day. Me on the other hand, I have a LARGE desk that takes up a lot of room on two walls. Besides my two work laptops I have my personal stuff. I have my writing stuff. Just the thought of moving that desk upstairs makes me cringe.

I found this awesome high heel chair down the street at the furniture store. I’m thinking it would look really cool in an office. I think it’s time for the DH to consider an addition on the house. This way he’ll get his office and I’ll have mine.


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