The Sea Horse

I have a few two bits of exciting news. First I want share that I’m expecting. I’m 15 weeks along. I’m on so many restrictions it’s insane. I can barely get off the couch, per doctors orders. And the DH is making sure I’m listening. More so because of my age and personal issues than fear of a repeat of my last pregnancy. I’m being monitored every three weeks for the baby’s sake. The team of doctors are positive and I’m thinking nothing but positive thoughts. I’ll be delivering early at 36 weeks, so prayers and good thoughts are always welcome. So, what’s with the sea horse title? That’s what my 13 yr old is calling the baby. Because we don’t know the sex yet, she’s decided to call it a sea horse. We found it humorous and are going with sea horse. LOL

The only sad part is I might not get to go to RomantiCon. I can sacrifice it for one year, but I’m hoping to pull off going. I’m waiting for them to nail down the exact date of delivery. The way I see it is I should be going back to work the Monday after RomantiCon, so if that’s the case I’m going to take off two extra days and go. :o)

The other good news is I received a contract for my quickie Just Another Rainy Day. This story will be part of EC’s taboo line. No word on a release date and I’m still awaiting edits, but I’ll be sure to keep you posted.

I thought I’d start Monday off with a bang!

Happy Monday!


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