No April Fool’s Here

Except ME…but more on that later.

Okay so yesterday I teased. Today I’m proud to say we’re having a GIRL. All tests are normal to date and the issues I was having seemed to have corrected themselves. The DH wants to know if the ban on “other” things has been lifted. In fact he wants me to call the doctor ASAP and find out.

The day was an exciting one right up until I hurt myself. This is where I give you your laugh for the day!

I had opened the front door to get the mail and the granddaughter decided she wanted to make a run for it. It was raining and I pulled her back in. The screen door is broken so it won’t lock. I had to continue to hold the door so she couldn’t push out. I wanted to close the front door, but she wasn’t having any of it. So, I proceeded to drag her butt back into the house. Now remember I was still holding the screen door to keep her from barging out. I got her to a point where I could close the door and I did. Very quickly and very hard AND very much on my arm!!! Let’s just say my left wrist is NOT feeling up to par today. After I closed the door properly I was sitting on the stairs laughing and crying because it hurt like a son of a bitch and I was an idiot. My daughters being like their mother were laughing at me. The granddaughter on the other hand sat down next to me and kept kissing my leg because grandma had a boo boo and she felt bad.

Today I’m bruised and embarrassed. I am excited because it’s Friday and it’s opening day for the Red Sox. I’m looking forward to the game this afternoon.

Busy, Busy weekend ahead of me. Hope everyone has a great one!


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