In A Happy Place

The paperwork is finalized for Sex On The Beach. My editor said I should receive edits right after Easter. I had to fill out the cover art request last night. In the space where they ask what do you consider are must-haves on your cover I simply stated: The beach and Angelo – topless of course! What?? I could drool over his body all day long. Yes, he’s young enough to be my son, well almost.

The DH just shakes his head at me when I tell him these things. At RomantiCon when he saw Angelo he said Oh I know him; he’s all over our house. :o)  Yup! Though all the cavemen were super hot and friendly,  I have a thing for tall, dark and ultra sexy.

With the cover art request behind and final proofs for Hit Me I’m writing again. I had another productive morning. It could be the kids are on vacation so my youngest is visiting family in NY. My daughter and her kids have been gone for two days. I have quietness to think.

Normally I need total silence when writing, but I’ve been listening to my IPod lately. It hasn’t been distracting, but comforting. I go through my phases I guess.

Now I’m going to finish reading Tessie Bradford’s Pampering Jessica. I’m halfway through and I’m loving the story. I’m determined to finish it this morning. Besides, Shoshanna Evers has a new book out today Chastity Belt. I love her books, so I want to read that….and Katalina Leon has a new release Friday so…

I hope my royalty check is big this month!


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