Sex on the Beach

Taking a short break from my writing to give you the details of my new release Sex on the Beach, now available from Ellora’s Cave TODAY!!!!!!


Allie only wanted two weeks of peace and quiet at her friend’s beach house to get her life in perspective. She wasn’t looking for sex, drugs and a kidnapping. But that’s what
she gets when she encounters not one but two tasty men.

Tony, her gorgeous next-door neighbor, has a body any woman would want to explore, and Allie crave him licking, teasing and ravishing her body with those strong hands and kissable
lips. Little does she know Tony’s on the trail of a drug dealer.

Then there’s Paul, who also wants a piece of Allie…if he can possibly tear her away from Tony.

An Excerpt From: SEX ON THE

Copyright © AMBER
SKYZE, 2011

All Rights Reserved, Ellora’s Cave Publishing, Inc.


The wind blew wisps of Allie’s long blonde hair back toward the road she’d just traveled.
She sped along the California coastline in her yellow convertible Spyder, enjoying the sunrise in the distance. The sun
sparkled across the ocean, glimmering orange as it rose. The rays would threaten
to scorch her skin later in the day. The weatherman had said the temperatures
would reach well into the nineties again.

pressed her flip-flopped foot harder on the gas pedal. Allie allowed the car to
accelerate because she knew no one in their right mind would be on the road at
this ungodly hour. Not everyone woke before the crack of dawn. While most were
still sleeping soundly in their beds, the air conditioner cooling their skin,
Allie was up grocery shopping.

It wasn’t
unusual for her to be up and going at four in the morning. She loved those first
few hours of the day when life was quiet. She could sip her coffee leisurely.
The hustle and bustle came later when she left the house to fight the highway
traffic on her way to her job as a marketing executive for a pharmaceutical

At least
that was her life before she’d lost her job. She punched the steering

she cursed to the open wind. While she missed the craziness of her old life she
had to admit the last six months were the most stress-free she’d felt in years,
right up until she returned to work.

The long
hours and stress related to her job contributed in the onslaught of health
issues she hadn’t known existed. After three consecutive months with a bout of
what she thought was the flu Allie finally sought the advice of her doctor. He
put her through numerous rounds of testing and came to the conclusion she
suffered from acid reflux and Crohns disease. Both
were brought on by stress, food choices and not taking care of her

spent five agonizing days in the hospital while her doctor tried to get her
disease under control. It was the worst experience in her life. There were times
when she thought she’d die and sometimes she silently prayed she would. It was
devastating and debilitating, but she swore she wouldn’t let it control her

Once Dr.
Robinson managed to get the disease under control she looked pointedly at

your job is slowly killing you. Your body can’t handle the stress or long hours
you’re demanding of it. You need to make some lifestyle changes or I’m just
going to see you back here in a few months,” she’d said.

reality of the doctor’s words was like a knife being twisted in her chest. She
didn’t know how to not be on the go 24/7. That was the way she’d lived her life
since turning sixteen.

pressed even harder on the gas pedal.

couldn’t get to the beach house fast enough. The idea of spending two weeks of
quiet, soaking up the sun and sand appealed to her on so many levels. When her
friend Pam told her she could use her beach house, Allie had immediately jumped
on the offer.

The next
few weeks would give her time to readjust to being unemployed and hopefully
clear her mind. Eventually she’d have to decide what direction she wanted to
take with her life. She had enough money saved to get her through six months of
unemployment, but Allie didn’t want to totally deplete her savings. It was there
as a safety net, nothing more.

had never been a word Allie thought she’d use, but her boss left her no other
choice. She’d had a career as a marketing executive for almost five years before
she’d up and resigned.

She gripped the steering wheel, fighting back the tears stinging her eyes. She
refused to cry. She wouldn’t give that shithead the satisfaction of beating her
down. She wiped away the drop with the back of her hand.



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